murizzio cattalan, toilet paper


self-pity is my greatest obstacle right now. everytime i stop to think about how people are putting everything on me and still don’t know that i’m working hard and have too much on my hands for one person to take, i feel sorry for myself. but i guess everyone feels more sorry for themselves.when they feel like they’re doing too much, i start doing everything. i never succeed in getting other people help me lessen my load.


Wayne Thiebaud, Half Cakes, 1961

andy goldsworthy

Artist: Yutaka Sone

Venue: David Zwirner, New York

Exhibition Title: Island

Date: September 20 – October 29, 2011

This exhibition brings together marble sculptures and trees made predominantly from rattan, a natural plant fiber. The largest of the marble sculptures is the two-and-a-half ton Little Manhattan (2007-2009), which from a distance appears to present a large, weightless sheet of drapery, yet upon closer inspection reveals a detailed, intricately carved model of the island of Manhattan.



Shomei Tomatsu

Skin of the Nation

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Lawrence Carroll

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Miriam Böhm, Interlude, 2012
80 x 90 cm
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2013 @ben brown hk

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“Primary Atmospheres” at David Zwirner

Craig Kauffman, Untitled, 1969

breathtaking elegance and pathos

i am okay with people as long as they are kind

but many people are not. they hate and badmouth easily. what i really can’t stand is if people hate someone else because of some small stupid thing. i can’t stand unilateral thinking and simplified judgement.

reading susan cain’s book about introversion and extroversion is very uplifting - verified many of my instinctual understanding of how people behave

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new love

brendan earley


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