Wayne Thiebaud, Half Cakes, 1961

andy goldsworthy

Artist: Yutaka Sone

Venue: David Zwirner, New York

Exhibition Title: Island

Date: September 20 – October 29, 2011

This exhibition brings together marble sculptures and trees made predominantly from rattan, a natural plant fiber. The largest of the marble sculptures is the two-and-a-half ton Little Manhattan (2007-2009), which from a distance appears to present a large, weightless sheet of drapery, yet upon closer inspection reveals a detailed, intricately carved model of the island of Manhattan.



Shomei Tomatsu

Skin of the Nation

Lawrence Carroll

Miriam Böhm, Interlude, 2012
80 x 90 cm


2013 @ben brown hk


“Primary Atmospheres” at David Zwirner

Craig Kauffman, Untitled, 1969

breathtaking elegance and pathos

i am okay with people as long as they are kind

but many people are not. they hate and badmouth easily. what i really can’t stand is if people hate someone else because of some small stupid thing. i can’t stand unilateral thinking and simplified judgement.

reading susan cain’s book about introversion and extroversion is very uplifting - verified many of my instinctual understanding of how people behave

new love

brendan earley


overstimulation + (main reason) extremely bad art = throbbing headache since 4 pm. @art basel hk

when nick leaves in june and then yangyi leaves for australia for two months what will become of me - i think i will emotionally retreat like a murakami character.

what i hate: hearing someone talk about themselves all the time when you no longer care very much