overstimulation + (main reason) extremely bad art = throbbing headache since 4 pm. @art basel hk

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when nick leaves in june and then yangyi leaves for australia for two months what will become of me - i think i will emotionally retreat like a murakami character.

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what i hate: hearing someone talk about themselves all the time when you no longer care very much


黄锐很感慨地说,中国最好玩的是你可以抓住机会塑造、改变历史。Sharon此时显得像个傻帽trophie wife,接茬说一个八竿子打不着的话题:我家小孩到底是在北京还是香港读书呢要不要送走呢很纠结。和她要同房3夜,哎。

why is it so fucking difficult!?!?

Roger Ebert

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Frida Kahlo, self-portrait, 1922, (age 15)

moments of virginia woolf melancholia comes every so often so i put on hazy music by the raveonettes

julia said she feels like she’s skating through life and there’s no way to brake. i told her that i feel like there’s some force pushing me forward and i can’t feel myself anymore, like i’m sitting on a buoy floating down a flowing river. julia told me that sophie thinks that her last three years in beijing were the same. always being pushed foward, somewhere, somehow. 

the past week we were on break and we agreed that we felt like we were floating. floating through the hours and the days. different characters we’ve met floating through my mind. she said that we’ll draw up a life map soon in our living room, with a bottle of wine, maybe with a candle for atmosphere.

beijing on new year’s eve

standing in the middle of the street with nick and julia watching the fireworks rise up one after another after another, imagining the perfect car ride through the streets of this city at her most beautiful moment, and shouting, i love this city - something i so rarely say

Nick just exclaimed in his sleep, holy shit Wanwan! You’re crazy!
Gotta ask him what he dreamt of.


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(via principlesofaesthetics-deactiva)

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I hate the obviously expository dialogues in films when you know the character is clearly explaining stuff purely for the audience’s convenience. Like early in the film Last Ride we re wondering what’s the relationship between the man, the woman, and the boy, and then the boy conveniently asks the woman to tell the story of how she and the man met and then we learn everything.

i promise you that change is coming soon and the heavy mass in your head will dissolve and surfaces will declutter and walls will be a clean icy white.